Lars-Gunnar Nordström

Lars-Gunnar ‘Nubben’ Nordström (1924–2014) was a pioneer of abstract art in Finland. His close contacts with the art scenes in the Nordic countries as well in Paris and New York made Nordström’s career also internationally noteworthy. In addition to art, jazz music was a great passion of his. On these pages you can find information about Nordström’s art, his life and the foundation that bears his name.

"Lars-Gunnar Nordström played a special role in the frenetic art world of the 1950s. That is entirely due to his abstract art. He painted distinct geometric forms, repeating modules, flat surfaces of colour that almost look industrial, and organised them into skilful compositions that emphasise structure and rhythm. Nordström’s uniqueness was also linked to his aspirations: to strive for the monumental and to work from an architect’s perspective. His origin was also special – Nordström was from Finland."

Serge Lemoine (2015), Professor Emeritus at École du Louvre and the Sorbonne.

Nubben 100


Dynamic Dimension – Nubben 100 years

Kunsthalle, Helsinki

In honour of his centenary year, Kunsthalle Helsinki will exhibit the full wide range of the prolific artist's lifework, from early figurative creations to the very last works.


Experiments in Concretism


The exhibition places a special focus on the various ways in which contemporary art reinterprets and comments on modernism. It also celebrates the 100th anniversary of the birth of Lars-Gunnar ‘Nubben’ Nordström (1924–2014), by presenting a pick of works associated with this pioneer of Finnish concretism and geometrical abstractionism.


In the spirit of Nubben in five ways

Gallery Elverket

​​Lars-Gunnar “Nubben” Nordström wrote: “Jazz is living touching hearing seeing – and replicating” (Jazz är att leva känna höra se – och åter-ge.). The underlying idea behind the In the spirit of Nubben in five ways exhibition is the importance of multisensory experience and of variation in artistic work.


Movements – modern city themes from the 20th century

Erkkola Artists House, Rantatie 25, Tuusula

In addition to Lars-Gunnar Nordström's art, the Erkkola exhibition includes works by Sigrid Schauman, Väinö Kunnaski, Eero Nelimarkka and Ragnar Ekelund, among others.



Galleria 68, Hämeentie 68, 00550 Helsinki

Nordström's serigraphs from the 1960s, the period that can be considered his most artistically original and strongest during the season.


Lars-Gunnar Nordström graphic art

Taidekeskus Salmela, Mäntyharjuntie 25, Mäntyharju

As a tribute to the artist's life's work, Salmela is exhibiting a diverse collection of Nordström's graphic art.


I feel, for now

Amos Rex, Mannerheimintie 22–24, 00100 Helsinki

The large, wide-ranging exhibition I feel, for now, will show works from the collection made by more than 70 artists from the 1960s up to the present.

Latest updates

News 09/02/2024

EMMA receives artworks by Elina Autio commissioned by L-G Nordström Foundation

The L-G Nordström Foundation commissioned two works from artist Elina Autio and donated them to the Collection of EMMA – Espoo Museum of Modern Art. The newly completed works will be on display in the Experiments in Concretism exhibition. Opening in March, the show celebrates the 100th anniversary of the birth of Lars-Gunnar ‘Nubben’ Nordström (1924–2014), a pioneer of Finnish concretism.

News 03/01/2023

Works to be displayed in an art silo in Norway

A new art museum, Kunstsilo, will open in Norway’s Kristiansand in 2023 in a grain silo originally built in 1934. The building’s modifications will be designed by Mestres Wåge Arquitectes and MX_SI Architectural Studio. The museum will house the collection of the Norwegian art collector Nicolai Tangen. It is known as the world’s largest private Nordic collection of modern art. It includes a representative selection of Nordström’s works.

News 03/01/2023

Sculptures in the Rykmentinpuisto Park in Tuusula

Sculptures deposited at the Tuusula Art Museum by the L-G Nordström Art Foundation are located in the Puustellinmetsä Park in Tuusula’s Rykmentinpuisto Park. The works are part of an art programme to enhance the attractiveness of a new neighbourhood and the well-being of its residents. Construction work on the Rykmentinpuisto area started in 2019.

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