The Lars-Gunnar Nordström Foundation was established in 2000. Its statutes state that “The purpose of the Foundation is to promote, develop and support the continuity of painting, sculpture and other artistic expression in our country in the sector of concretist and especially constructivist art, and to maintain and develop interest in and knowledge of this art form”.

Nordström was the first chair of the foundation dedicated to his life’s work. As his artistic career had been strongly international, the official name of the foundation was changed to L-G Nordströmin Säätiö – L-G Nordströms Stiftelse – Foundation for Constructive Art.

For more than 20 years, the Foundation has pursued its objectives by supporting and organising exhibitions in collaboration with galleries and museums at home and abroad. The Foundation has also supported research on Nordström’s life and contributed to publication projects on his art and record collection. The Foundation also produces commissioned works from a living tradition of concretism.

A significant part of the Foundation’s art collection has been deposited with the Espoo Museum of Modern Art EMMA and the Tuusula Art Museum. The Foundation has donated Nordström’s collection of over 11 000 jazz records to the Finnish National Library.  


Tomas Forsell (Chairman)
Pilvi Kalhama (Vice Chairman)
Mauri Niemi
Lars Johnsson
Sabina Westerholm
Kari Kenetti


Mauri Niemi